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Following a Dream

Thanks for following me on my journey! I've started this blog in order to to talk about my journey as an actress and dancer, as well as to promote gigs, people and sometimes just to talk about life.

My birthday is next week and of course Spring just arrived. So rebirth, growing and change are subjects that are on my mind lately. In the entertainment industry there can be a lot of down time, time when there are no gigs or auditions and it feels like you will never book another job. It sucks, but that's a part of the industry. It's been the most difficult for me this past year. I am not in a place where I feel that I can really be able to work as an actress and dancer on a semi-regular basis. I feel stuck. Mostly because I am not in a location that offers enough regular film and television work. It is slowly growing, but not fast enough.

My delimma is do I choose to stay here and wait and hope, or do I go back to Los Angeles, where there is more of a chance for work? It is difficult mostly because I have a life and friends here, but at the same time I had a life and friends in Los Angeles as well. It is always a difficult decision to pick up and move. I grew up on the east coast and moved to LA without knowing anyone.

But I know it my heart where I need and want to be. Yes, there are positive and negative points about both places. And mostly whether someone enjoys living in a certain city over another is just a matter of opinion. Some could and will say I should stay, that the cost of living is better, that people are better, that LA is weird and crazy. But that's kind of why I loved Los Angeles to begin with. Yes, it's extremely expensive to live there, yes there can be shallow and mean people, but everyone is different, being weird is embraced more. There will always be a group of people like you that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin and not ask you to change. Plus, the weather can't be beat! There's an ocean, there's mountains! Yes, it's extremely competitive, but that just makes you tougher.

There will be people who will say I should stay and be happy where I am at, but that feels like settling and not pursuing the life I want. Of course, I also have a lot of supporters who say "Yes! Go for it!".

Not one city is better or worse than the other, except there is definitely more film work in LA. What I am trying to say (maybe not that clearly) is that no matter what my ultimate choice is, it's my choice. I don't regret trying a new city, I enjoyed my time and made life-long friends. But at the end of the day will I be satisfied and content here? And to anyone who is reading this. Make a choice, take a risk, but don't let anyone talk you out of it. It's your life to live and you have to try to make it a happy one.

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