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Friendship: My Soul Sisters

I am preparing to start and new chapter in my life (moving back to Los Angeles in June), and these past few months have been nothing if not the most stressful months of my life. I feel lost in a sea of emotions. Am I making a mistake? Was moving the first time the mistake? Will I find a place to live, job, get back into the audition world of LA easily? Should I stay put? All I want is a stable career acting and dancing. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming. But through it all I have found amazing girlfriends that stick by my side and encourage me no matter what. Some are here in the same city as me now, some are in another country, and some are waiting for me in LA. Excited for me to start a new adventure, my soul sisters with whom I have made such amazing memories and with whom I hope to make more kick-ass memories!

The best thing about these amazing females in my life is that we have all gone through tough times, times we thought that life would never be happy again, times where we weren't friends, where we drifted apart, as people do, only to then once again come back together, as true friendships always do. I wish I could divide myself between all of them so they could all have my full attention at any time. At times I feel that I might have been too selfish, not giving them the support and positive energy they might need, but truly, if needed I would always try to be there for them.

I have always felt it was important for women to have a supportive group of girlfriends. Yes, we might have significant others that are supportive, but there is a special energy between a great group of girlfriends that nothing else can substitute. I love that my friends are all strong, independent women who are kind but will definitely not take shit from anyone! We all have amazing personalities that balance each other out.

This is just a little shout-out and reminder to all those powerful females out there that you are appreciated and loved! To my friends that have always been there for me: know that I will always be there for you and you are always in my thoughts. Now it's time to kick some butt!

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