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Staying on Track

I have been back in Los Angeles approximately two months now. It seems longer. I've been working my butt off everyday, making sure I am not only submitting and going to auditions, but also working to pay my bills. It seems like a never-ending circle of hope and despair. There are definitely days when I want to punch someone in the face! It's true! As all struggling artists know, there is the stress of being able to pay bills, have a job that allows flexibility for auditions and still make enough money to pay bills while creating the art you love. I love the high I get when I get a gig, yet I hate the low I feel after the gigs ends. "How can I function in normal society after I just got to create this magical world?'. Sometimes the only thing you have to keep going is the hope of the next gig. Honestly, you have to be a bit crazy to love and live in the entertainment world! But I really wouldn't change it for anything.

Although I am of course here to do acting for film and television, my other talent, that of a dancer, has been taking the lead lately. I don't mind. I love dancing just as much as I love acting. And you can act a lot longer than you can dance in life! Right now I am dancing with 3 different dance companies! A Bellydance/Bollywood Company, a Bellydance/Burlesque, and most recently (and most exciting for me) a Burlesque Troupe! I am so eager to dance with all these groups and meet other awesome performers. As I write this post, I am also researching my burlesque name, thinking up ideas for solo pieces and researching music. Sometimes, even after a long day I'll come home and still be working on choreography late into the night!

Despite the highs and lows of life right now, I am super excited for fall and the possibilities yet to come. I don't know what I'm even doing a month from now, but I know it will be something creative and fulfilling. For now though, it's to time to keep focused and, oh yeah, pay those bills! ;-)

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