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Springtime adventures!

It's been a while, but I've been super busy juggling multiple ideas, gigs and events! Trying to stay on top of this blog (for now) and seeing what happens! I've been busy dancing with the lovely ladies of The Dollface Dames and the Zahira Bellydancers. I've also been focusing on getting new representation and also working on a film project of my own! Also trying to stay fit and healthy (hello beach season!) and also hopefully planning a mini trip to the east coast in June. It's a hectic life but I wouldn't choose any other. Like most artists though, it can be hard to balance the work/social life aspect of my world. I'm attempting to find time to do fun activities. Although, since most of my friends are artists, are schedules rarely line up and I end up doing a lot by myself. Not that that's a bad thing! Sometimes it's nice to be by yourself and with your thoughts. If no one's available then I'll just go on my one adventure! Here's to springtime and beautiful weather (especially when you live in Southern California)! Below is a gorgeous view from a recent hike in Griffith Park! Next blog will have some fun fitness tips for getting in shape and having fun while working out! Until next time!

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